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We present here the opinion of our patient, Mr. Zenon Ł., 58 years of age. Suffering from hyperhidrosis, he had a bilateral thoracic sympathectomy, and a right sacral sympathectomy performed at our clinic. He is presently preparing for an upcoming operation. His opinion is particularly relevant to share, because Mr. Zenon had tried all methods if treatment before coming to the center and agreeing to undergo surgery. Due to the great results received from the first operation, he has agreed to another operation for more complete sweating relief.

...Problems with excessive sweating I have had since childhood. Most physicians prescribed different antiperspirants for me. Also, I underwent such treatments as mineral baths, pearl baths, and ionizing baths. The antiperspirants and natural treatments brought fleeting relief, and I continued to suffer with excessive sweating.

After a long time using ineffective treatments, I decided to have surgery. The doctors and I decided on a thoracic sympathectomy. I had the surgery divided into two operations, for the right side, and then five months later, the left side. The operation went smoothly. I was able to stand up and move easily 5-6 hours after the surgery. Also, the pain, surprisingly, was minimal and not bothersome at all.

I am very delighted with the results of the procedure and I no longer have problems with sweating. The scars are very small and almost invisible, and the doctors say that they will fade with time. I had my first procedure in April 2005, and the next in November 2005. I had the sacral sympathectomy in November 2006...

The patient has agreed to the publication of photos of his post-operative scars after his endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. We present them here because most questions are tied to the aesthetic aspect of the procedure, the degree of scarring.

18 month post-operative wound healing 12 month post-operative wound healing