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Antiperspirants and Oral Medications

As experienced physicians, with many years of experience in this area, we can ascertain that the use of medicines of organic origin, application of antiperspirants, and the use of oral medications bring only temporary relief. They are unable to secure long-term comfort of the patient. We can expect a good outcome from the use of topical and oral medications for those patients whose symptoms are very acute and the degree of sweating is low. For these people, the sweating does not interfere with work and personal life, but is noticeable enough for the patient to seek treatment. Medications that we prescribe (depending on the present medications of a patient) are Etiaxil, Antidral, Drysol, Odaban, and others. We evaluate the use of antiperspirants in these cases as adequate for the relief of symptoms. Please remember that all medications, whether topical or oral, are assessed for contraindications to any medications the patient is presently taking.